Sunday, July 8, 2007

#5 Facebook

Listen to this podcast:

If you are hearing-impaired or do not have access to audio on your computer, a transcript of this podcast is available.

Facebook is a social network that allows you to share photos, news, videos, or even "gifts" with your friends, whom you add individually, though you can make your profile public. (Learn more about Facebook here.) What sets Facebook apart from some other social networking sites like MySpace is its privacy settings. Privacy controls are very good in Facebook; you can set them very strict or allow some/all of your activities to be visible/known. Facebook is a fun way to connect with colleagues and friends. In library terms, it is also a great way for us to connect with students in a place that is familiar to them. It helps "humanize us" to our library users. One way libraries are using Facebook is by creating groups to make themselves visible in a place where students like to hang out online.

Discovery Exercise:


2. Register for an account. (Click "Register" in top-right corner of page.)

The quickest way to get a sense of what Facebook has to offer is to see how others are using Facebook. To do that, you will need friends!


Once you are in Facebook, add me as your friend. (Or, if you prefer, add someone else that you know is a Facebook user as your friend. Some of your colleagues who are in Facebook include Kay Keene, Jamie Rowe, Todd King, Brad Marcum, Cindi Trainor, Melissa Schutt, and Nicole Montgomery, to name a few.)

To add a friend:

1. In the upper left-hand corner of the Facebook screen, type Cindy Judd in the search box.

2. Next to my profile, click on Add to Friends. This is not an instantaneous process. I will get a message in my inbox notifying me that you want to add me as your friend. Once I accept, you will see me appear in your list of friends.

Once you have friends in Facebook, check out the Groups that they are involved with and the Applications that they have added. That will give you some ideas for things to be involved with. The idea of social networking is that you can see others' friends and add people from those that your friends' know. You will see that many of your library coworkers are already in Facebook. You can click on their profiles from my Facebook page and add them to your friends, too.

Don't forget to blog about your Facebook experience. (For example: Do you think you would continue to use Facebook after the Learning 2.0 experience is over? What kinds of things could you see yourself using Facebook for? How can you imagine libraries using Facebook?)


Ning Zou said...

I felt I was lucky to have a facebook account. Despite other privacy concerns, I still love it and love to post pictures on facebook. Some of my previous colleagues and friends found me on Facebook. Among the three social networking tools I love facebook the most. I also love many applications that they provide. I hope they can have a feature that I could add music to my pictures so that I can knit music with images. Maybe it is already a feature but I didn't know.

Margaret said...

Well, I've now joined the world of Facebook. No face yet; I need to get a photo. I think it will be quite interesting to see how Facebook plays out in the months and years to come. Will it morph into something else? Will it become the social networking tool of choice over MySpace? Will the AARP crowd get more involved? Or will it continue to be a great tool for those in college and those starting out in their careers? As they often say -- Only the Shadow knows!

Rob Sica said...

"How Facebook could crush MySpace, Yahoo!, and Google"

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