Monday, July 30, 2007

#10 Do your own LibraryThing

[Sorry, no podcast for this "thing."]

Welcome to Play Week! There are thousands of different and fun web 2.0 applications to explore. This week, we’ll be playing with library-related tools, starting with a website called LibraryThing. Developed for book lovers, LibraryThing allows you to easily create an online catalog of your own. And, because Web 2.0 is all about making connections, LibraryThing connects you to other people who have similar libraries and reading tastes.

There are lots of ways to use LibraryThing (LT). You can view your books on a virtual shelf, add a widget to display your catalog on your blog, or install a LT Search box on your blog. You can also participate in a group forum (there’s even one for librarians). You can even sign up to be an “Early Reviewer” and receive advance copies of books to read!

About LibraryThing
Library Thing tour
LibraryThing blog (updates & news)

Discovery Exercise #1
1. Take a look around LibraryThing and create an account.
2. Add a least 5 books to your library. Enter at least one tag for each book.
3. Blog about your experience and be sure to link to your LibraryThing catalog.

Discovery Exercise #2
1. Go to Web2List and explore the various web 2.0 applications listed there. See if you can find one that would be helpful for us to use in our roles as educators and library employees.
2. Blog about your experience. Did you find any tools that would be useful in your work life? Or, did you mostly find fun stuff? Any surprises?

*Don't forget to e-mail your blog posts to librarylearning at gmail dot com.

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