Saturday, September 8, 2007

#20 Mashups

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Welcome to the learning 2.0 finale -- Play Week 2. This week we will be exploring some fun web 2.0 Mashups. So what is a Mashup? Regarding to the Center for Instructional Technology at Duke University Libraries, It
is a web application that combines data from two or more sources and creates something altogether new or different with those sources. "At their most basic, mashups take data from a source and filter it through another source or application. For a low-end example, look at iPhone Maniacs, a news site which mashes together Flickr photos and blog postings/news headlines tagged as "iPhone". For a more elaborate example, try, which takes data from the web about weather, traffic, movies and even earthquakes and mashes their locations through Google Maps. Applications like SearchMash allow users to search for a keyword, and find not only search results but also related blog entries, Flickr photo feeds and more." (Retrieved Sept. 8, 2007 from )

In the past, you may have already used Mappr, Badges, and other Flickr mashups to create fantastic image mashups. Take a look at the following resources and begin your fun journey with Mashups.


More about Mashups

Mashup Directory
Ten Best Flickr Mashups

Discovery Exercise #1:

1. Go to Mashup Directory
or Ten Best Flickr Mashups
2. Play with a few Mashups
3. Blog about your experience with Mashups and make sure to link to your Web 2.0 Mashups' thing.

Discovery Exercise #2 (optional):

Think about how Mashups can be used in education in general. We can discuss about this during our brown bag lunch.

*Don't forget to e-mail your blog posts to ekulibrarylearning at gmail dot com.

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